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Ultrasonic hand welder

Ultrasonic hand welder
  • Ultrasonic hand welder
Model: SKR-S2805B
Address: Dongguan City Nancheng Road No. 18
Manufacturer: Guangdong Haili Technology Co. Ltd.
Introduction: Ultrasonic hand welder
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Machine features:
1, high quality ultrasonic transducer, strong power, good stability.
2, the whole design is exquisite, the volume is small does not occupy the space.
3, automatic frequency control, output power, high welding strength.
4, the main parts for high-quality imports, long service life.
5, low noise, environmental protection work.
Job characteristics:
Quick: welding time is short, improve work efficiency.
Strength: tensile strength can be comparable with the product ontology.
Quality: the appearance of the welding parts is exquisite, do not change color, yellow.
Economy: no glue, save material, reduce cost.
Details: 1, metal chassis paint, beautiful and durable.
2, liquid crystal display panel, button design, simple and convenient operation.
3, automatic frequency adjustment function, wide range of application.
4, high quality ultrasonic transducer, the output power is strong and stable.
5, high-quality imported spare parts, ensure the long time stable working.
6, titanium alloy mold, applicable to all kinds of environment, not easy to damage.
7, lengthen the plastic handle, protect the transducer damage.
8, the handle is convenient to work hard.
Application Industry: widely used in automotive industry, plastic electronics, etc..
Auto industry: car door noise cotton, rain scraper seat, engine cover, water tank cover, bumper, etc..
Plastic electronics: small plastic parts riveting, etc..
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