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Talent recruitment

Senior Project Engineer
1, male, 30-45 years old, college degree or above, mechanical and related professional graduate, solid theoretical knowledge, learning ability.
2, there is an independent team leader to complete a million or more non-standard automation project experience, there are plug-in machines, industrial robots, automated production line project research and development experience, preferred;
Five, 3 years or above working experience in mechanical and automation industry. Familiar with all kinds of mechanical manufacturing process, can independently complete the non-standard mechanical project design;
4, familiar with mechanical drawing software, skilled use of Solidworks and 3D and other CAD design software. Understand the general calculation of Engineering Mechanics and material mechanics. Familiar with the selection of components for the automation industry such as cylinder, screw, guide rail, belt and so on.
5, responsible for the pre - customer site survey, mechanical design, as well as business and customer negotiations to provide technical support.
6, responsible for the development of non-standard machinery and equipment, follow up the development process of the non-standard mechanical equipment, and ensure the progress of the project implementation.
7, responsible for leading the team to complete the design of the entire non-standard project and equipment installation and commissioning, to ensure the acceptance of the project.
8, the job is active and active, careful, diligent work for a solid, integrity, strong hands-on ability, strong sense of responsibility and ability to work under pressure, can solve problem independently.

Electronic Engineer
1, a single chip development experience, familiar with the commonly used development tools, there is a certain microcontroller programming experience;
2, skilled use of CAD, PowerPCB software;
3. Proficient in assembly language and C language;
4, master common simulation development tools;
5, skilled use of common electronic components;
6, proficiency in the retrieval of various components of the material;
7, be able to use the AVR microcontroller, PIC microcontroller;
8. Working experience in electronic engineering is preferred;
9. Graduated from University of Electronic Science and technology is preferred.

Mechanical Engineer
1, mainly responsible for the mechanical design of non-standard parts, skilled use of conventional mechanical transmission;
2, mechanical drawing, mechanical design, standard parts selection, operation manual, program and cost quotation and guide assembly;
3. College degree or above, major in mechanical or electrical or mechanical or electrical or mechanical engineering. 2 years relevant working experience;
4, skilled use of engineering drawing software, CAD/SW proficient in mechanical processing equipment and technology is very understanding, there is a successful case; proficient in equipment, fixture design;
5. Good team work ability, good communication skills, good learning ability and problem solving skills;
6, the work location: Industrial Road, Songshan Lake High Tech Development Zone, Dongguan No. 24 Building 5 modern enterprise accelerator.
7, the post can recruit fresh graduates.

Sales Representative
1, sales of mechanical products are of great interest, graduated from mechanical engineering major is preferred;
2, recruit fresh graduates;
3, familiar with office software, has a good market development ability, can work with the team to carry out the relevant market work;
4, with team spirit, strong sense of responsibility and the ability to withstand pressure.
5, cheerful generous, sunshine, work with passion, positive energy, good character, strong communication skills, thinking carefully.
The calculation formula of salary: basic salary + commission + performance bonus + annual bonus, annual salary of about 100 thousand, is not capped.
e-commerce specialist
Men and women are not limited, electronic commerce related college graduate, will picture processing, network promotion and maintenance, this year's graduates can also.

The above positions, treatment Negotiable, invites you to join!
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